White Combination File Cabinet

The office environment is second only to the family environment. At the same time of our rapid development, our health has been neglected. While pursuing office aesthetics, we follow “provide employees with a healthy and comfortable office environment”. Constantly seeking value-added.

Product Details

White combination File cabinet BG08+09

Medium white combination file cabinet has several styles for your option on doors. which could meet different requirements. such as open door filing cabinet, letter box, waste bin cabinet, partition cabinet, office wardrobe, White combination file cabinet.


Item Specification


White combination file cabinet

Model No.

BG08, BG09

Size (mm)1


Size (mm)2




Two Colors

White + Grayish green


Your Personal Changing Space

When there is personal meeting with friends after work. We may tired of narrow uniform and change to a leisure cloth style. The white combination file cabinet gives you   possibility of style changing in office furniture system. This cabinet top is for cloth, you can put the shoes inside the drawer.

White combination file cabinet


White combination file cabinet


More about file cabinet


Main white with grayish green, blue and red embodies the colorful but elegant office


Color Swatch for Block file storage series

White combination file cabinet SGS hinge

White combination file cabinet round handle

Good hinge is the key quality for file cabinet

Round handle, smooth warm touching



In modern life, simple and creative furniture is what   you need, not just opinion furniture, but a life attitude. This is a work of art, creative color creation, Nordic creative sofa design. Originating from the new era of Nordic style, the setting of new color elements adds a different atmosphere to the furniture.


Production Processing
White combination file cabinet product process
White combination file cabinet product process
White combination file cabinet product process

Our certificate

lopo office furniture certificate

lopo office furniture certificate

lopo office furniture certificate

OHSAS 18001:2007

ISO 14001:2004

ISO 9001:2008


Horizontal partial discharge

Avoid long-term direct exposure to the sun, often the sun will fade the furniture paint film, metal parts are easy to oxidize and deteriorate, and the wood is easy to become brittle.

Pay attention to moisture proof

Sunlight should be avoided in the sun for a long time. Frequent sunlight will fade the furniture paint film, oxidize the metal parts easily, and make the wood brittle.


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