Office Mobile Drawer

The way of storage, gathering wisdom of storage, three pumping storage space, humanized space layout of large and small drawers.
The pure and bright design style reflects the comfortable living atmosphere, advocating nature and striving for leisure.

Product Details

Office mobile drawer 202-HDG

Small simple office mobile drawer plays an important role in daily work time. It’s the home for Some important material or small stationary. When you left office for break, it’s the temporary safe box to you. So choose a good looking and quality office mobile drawer is very important.


Model detail


Office mobile drawer

Model No.


Size (mm)1





Various color as   per customer requested


Small * Simple * Storage

Office mobile drawer

Office mobile drawer

Office mobile drawer

Office mobile drawer



Super load   bearing, extraordinary quality

Office mobile drawer

Office mobile   drawer with 3 Section central locker

Office mobile drawer with 3 section central locker




High temperature resistance



Easy clean

High strength bearing capacity


Laminated panel

Laminated board is made by bonding cellulose and decor paper layers, as well as resin, by applying heat and pressure. This produces an extremely tough surface that comes in a variety of different colors. Laminate is highly recommended for areas where the tables are subject to a lot of wear and tear because they are frequently moved around for example.

office mobile drawers Laminated board


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