4 mistakes in buying office furniture

- Oct 24, 2018-

1.pay too much attention to low prices.

Price is closely related to value and cost. Low-priced office furniture is usually low-cost, poor-quality, generally its appearance and design are poor, also can not talk about any cultural value. Experienced purchasing knows that when you buy office furniture products at a low price, there are usually many hidden dangers that you can't foresee, resulting in many problems and regrets. For most companies, the total 10-20% gap is not a big problem at all.

partition office workstation

2.Pursuing brands.

Buying famous-brand office furniture is usually not a mistake, but a large number of purchases, need to do according to one's ability, famous-brand office furniture (especially imported furniture) compared with the general domestic quality office furniture, or much more expensive, maybe 50-100%, or more than 200-300%. For the brand promotion of famous office furniture costs, or to pay a considerable amount of real gold and silver. Besides, how good is the brand office furniture, but also only in some professional can distinguish the details. In fact, strictly speaking, the office furniture brand does not mean that the design, brand office furniture manufacturers have a good designer, but not mean to every designer is excellent, and not mean to every case is excellent design.

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3. pay too much attention to the scale of enterprises.

Scale can only show that the production capacity is strong, but not that the quality is good, design ability is strong, in a sense, scale and individualization, cultural value or contradiction. Italian furniture is famous all over the world, but the scale of Italian office furniture manufacturers are not large, well-known office furniture manufacturers only dozens of people, but Italian furniture is famous for design, not scale. On the contrary, low grade office furniture manufacturers often have a large scale, and are more common in Zhongshan and Shunde. Customers want to buy quality and service (including design), and basically have nothing to do with the scale of office furniture manufacturers.

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4. buy fast delivery products, buy spot.

Many customers lack experience, do not consider the production cycle of high-end products, to the office soon finished decoration, to buy, has delayed the opportunity, only to return to the second place, to buy fast-delivery office furniture products, buy spot. Such products are usually low-end products, lack of personalized and cultural values, or even poor quality, generally can not meet the needs of high-level customers.