Charming Screen Workplace

- Mar 12, 2019-

The value of attractive things tends to be higher. Shanghai office furniture Xiaobian thinks that the screen work position is such functional office furniture, and because of its own charm, it can have better performance in function. Everyone loves beauty. Even if it is the case of the hall, it must have some charm and beauty, so that it can be more satisfying. Why does the screen work position make many companies want to stop, and become the first choice for the layout of office space function system, of course, because Its charisma is different.

Double side workstation

Charm Show 1: See the Form of the Times

An era has its own phenomena, ranging from the world pattern, the city appearance, the way of Humanities and science and technology, to the way of clothing, food, housing, even work and office furniture. Now we can also see some traditional desks and chairs carved with carved seals and carved with hollow patterns. They are not only ancient in form but also ancient in art. Such a form is a symbol of the times. It is also a handicraft inheritance and continuation of the old times in modern times. Modern office space is spacious, bright and fashionable, and the application of screens is a trend in layout. Modern office mode and air-conditioning image are not only a reflection of the concept of the times, but also a representation of the characteristics of the times in the form of fashion or personality.

Partition workstation

Charisma 2: Space side can be multifaceted

Modern office space is mostly office buildings, the internal structure is transparent and coherent. How to differentiate the functional areas is the simplest. It is undoubtedly the best to not use reinforced concrete, but it also has the utility of the physical building. The screen work position can completely The space is divided into a small piece of functional area, and the correlation is not affected. The non-screen work position is the best.

Modern partition office muli-function workstation

Charisma show three: freedom of disassembly and assembly

How is the most suitable desk? This may or may not be the case. The effect of different placements is different. The biggest feature of the screen work position is that it can be more freely and flexibly placed, whether it is oriented or arranged, it can be changed according to the actual situation. The company wants to move? Excessive to collect? The screen work position has the characteristics of disassembly and assembly. When moving or sealing, it is only necessary to separate and disassemble.

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