Common products for Office sofas

- Jul 27, 2018-

1, the sofa shape. Sofa shape should be full of symmetry, height and size appropriate, no obvious color difference fabric, there are, lattice and other flower-shaped fabric pattern should be symmetrical. Fabric without breakage, stain, slip needle and other defects. No slip stitch or floating thread.

Exposed bubble nails should be arranged neatly, no loose knock flat off paint and other defects. 2, wooden sofa wood parts.

Wooden Sofa wood Parts requirements must not have cracks, loose; the surface paint film coating smooth, color similar, no paint film off phenomenon. 3, the structure of the sofa strength.

When purchasing can hand-cranked sofa handrails, back without shaking loose movement or sound, with the hands of the seat of the sofa, backside, press pressure 2~3 times, feel smooth, no spring friction, and press pressure to the feeling that the sofa seat to withstand the long-term pressure of the body. 4, leather sofa leather materials requirements. Industry standards: The standard is called all leather sofa products In addition to the bottom of the sofa seat surface, the appearance of the use of natural animal leather covered.

The product of the nominal leather sofa stipulates that the seat face of the sofa, the front of the back, the back and the side of the armrest and the handrail are covered with natural animal leather. 5, the main size of the sofa requirements. QB/t 1952.1-2003 "upholstered furniture sofa" industry standard stipulation: The seat face of the sofa is high as 360mm~420mm; the seat is deep 480mm~600mm; the handrail height is less than 250mm. The back height is equal to 600mm.

These main size provisions are mainly to meet the basic requirements of use.