Contrast of Advantages of Screen Workplace VS Ordinary Desk

- Apr 15, 2019-

Market demand determines the direction of development of office furniture. More desks are replaced by screen workstations. It is precisely because the workstations can better meet the needs of office use. These differences in demand are the advantages of screen work.

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Advantage gap of spatial optimization

The structure of the desk is relatively fixed, the structure is more complicated than the screen working position, there is not enough flexibility, and the space optimization is limited. Usually, it needs to be placed according to the building body, and the volume is larger than the single working position. More, a desk can occupy at least two screen work positions, which obviously does not achieve the best space optimization.

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The Gap of Cost Advantage

Because of the structure and volume of the desk, it uses more materials than the screen desk. Although the ordinary desk may have more functions, some functions are more than enough, and the cost of using more materials is higher. This is also the main reason for being replaced. Of course, the higher the performance-price ratio, the better the enterprise purchases office furniture.

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Advantage Gap of Decoration Effect

The screen work position belongs to the more modern office furniture, so it looks more fashionable in the appearance form, and the ordinary desk is more rigid compared with it. The modern office space is obviously more suitable for the modern style office furniture, so the decoration In terms of space, the screen work position is also more advantageous, especially favored by some young workers.