Creating neat and orderly office space with matching office furniture

- Feb 25, 2019-

1.First of all, the consistency of the performance in the shape, although the general shape of these office furniture is different. However, some details of the process can be consistent performance. For example, the legs of furniture such as desks, office chairs and office sofas can show the same style; and the structural joints can also use the same form as tenons and mortises. At the same time, the details of office furniture also need to be consistent, such as drawer and door handles, table corners and so on, it is best to show a relatively consistent shape.

Modern office workstation with shelf

2.In appearance color and tone, all office furniture can choose the same color matching. For example, the desk is black lacquer, then the office chair can be black or black with grey matching, and the office sofa can also be pure black or black with jujube red matching.

melamine office staff desk and meeting desk with mobile drawer

3. In the choice of material and material, different office furniture can choose the same material, such as solid wood material, office chair and sofa can choose the combination of solid wood and cowhide, also can choose solid wood veneer office furniture.

veneer wood office executive desk with file cabient

4. Size specifications should show coordination and collocation. Although office furniture is different, it is a system as a whole in a space. The size of each office furniture should be orderly, not abrupt and inconsistent. The uniform office supporting system can make the space more structured and also make the whole space more orderly.