Customization process

- Dec 06, 2018-

International Famous office furniture brands pay more attention to product design development and marketing. Most of them has their own design team and marketing team, they cooperate some good factories in China or other less labor cost countries for OEM service.Such customers have their own design philosophy, and the customer will provide the designer's products and details to cooperate with the factory. The project customer is another situation. They are promoting existing designs from different supplier for different clients requirements. Today Lopo furniture Chriss will explain you how do we work together with projects furniture needed customers.



Once we receive this customer,firstly we should learn about the project requirements, we discuss with clients about the furniture floor plan,usually we call it layout, Bill of furniture list, favorable design photos. If customer has everything in mind, we shall quote the projects with existing materials. If not.  factory should provide several different design solutions based on the customer's office floor plan based on its own research and development product series The proposal should includes office furniture items photos, dimensions, color options, pricing, delivery date, payment terms.etc.



Generally, the office table, office chairs, etc. designed by office furniture manufacturers have no problem in terms of ergonomics and applicability. However, client may not professional in the furniture ergonomic way, they may request some different in design which is difficulty to make or waste resource to make. So the audited technicians assist in reviewing the requests and making drawing for all customized items. the factory gives professional advice and suggestions. After the communication with customer parts, both parties sign and confirm the furniture drawings.



We Lopo furniture factory side will issue a BOM list according to the customer's confirmation drawings, the list includes raw material quantity, color,size,processing drawings, as well as a list of hardware accessories and spare parts. This work is done by the factory professional technicians , accurate BOM is the guaranteed of production, also the necessary prerequisites for good implementation.



Installation diagram, packaging plan, product production flow chart paper. The main contents of the product production flow chart paper should cover the basic contents such as name, specification, quantity, materials, batch, processing precautions, special inspection standards, working hours, processes and serial numbers. Usually the installation diagram will be distributed to the customer along with the accessories. The packaging plan will be displayed in the carton, and the product production flow chart will be the factory encrypted file, and not share in public.



In case of any mistake on the processing materials. factory will produce a set sample to verify the structure of the office furniture products. If necessary, send the sample image to customer for final confirmation. Then start mass production.



After the previous steps are completed, all the documents required for the process are ready to be submitted to the corresponding production department for cutting, punching, edge sealing, etc. In fact, depending on the product, the process is also Different, simple parts may only need one or two processes. For example, the drawer bottom plate only needs to be cut only, some complicated parts it may take more than ten processes or dozens of processes. In addition to the above process, there are also such as slotting, milling, etc., which we will share you more next time.

The above is about the introduction of custom furniture process,may it help you learn some basic knowledge about customize office furniture, If you need custom office furniture, you are welcome to email your needs and negotiate with the Foshan Lopption Furniture Business Manager Chriss( Lopption Furniture specializes in providing the President's Office, Executive Office, open or screen office space, reception space, conference system and other system furniture. Welcome to find us for furniture solutions.