Declassification of performance-price ratio of steel and wood desks

- Jan 02, 2019-

If let us recommends which kind of desk is the best at present, then I definitely recommend the Steel-wood desk, steel frame structure with wooden desktop, not only has a strong and durable characteristics, but also has the style characteristics of wooden elegance with metal texture, but many people will feel that the price of steel-wood desk is very expensive, but in fact, Steel-wood desk is chosen by many people, because It has a high cost performance ratio.

office sofa with wood coffee table

In fact, the main selling point of office furniture is the material, which is also true, but it is not entirely the same. The material of a desk accounts for more than half of the total price, but for desks of different materials, their price differences are actually more reflected in technology. The technology that can be used on the desk is those kinds. Modern office furniture pursues simplicity, so the application of technology is not very complex and diverse. Plate desk is similar to steel desk or solid wood desk. Solid wood desk may have more complex technology applications because of different materials, but that is limited to some large desks, such as screen. Wind work station is such that solid wood will not be used, at most that is, solid wood veneer.

modern office sofa with wood coffee table

Although steel and wood desks have a more prominent cost performance ratio, but its price is similar to other materials desks, but the service life is longer. The reason for its longer life is steel. Many people think that steel is definitely more expensive than wood. But the steel frame of the desk is not the thick and heavy steel plate, but the cold-rolled steel, which is not expensive in fact. It is very suitable for making office furniture. The two are similar in terms of frame cost.