Detailed Explanation of the Production Cycle of Office Furniture

- Mar 11, 2019-

How long can the production of office furniture be completed? Editor from LOPO thinks that it is actually a process from the processing of base materials to the assembly of finished products. It is only necessary to add the time consumption of quality inspection in this process. Generally speaking, it is the time consumption of production and inspection. According to the production steps of Shanghai office furniture manufacturers, the specific production and inspection process is as follows:

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1.Management and production personnel strictly follow the requirements of the document "Production Process Control Procedure" in the quality management system of ISO 9001, apply scientific management methods, strictly control every production link, and supervise the production process in real time. Procedure inspection is IPQC engineering. Procedure inspection mainly aims at the quality of each process in the process of processing to ensure that bad parts will not flow into the next process. Procedure inspection generally adopts the methods of first piece inspection, flow inspection and sampling inspection.

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2. In the process of production, the qualifications of the processing results of each link should be checked. After the finished products are produced, more finished products should be checked carefully and comprehensively. The inspection of office furniture products is mainly aimed at the finished products after the completion of woodworking production or all the processing procedures. The test-fitting inspection of finished products is very important for office furniture products. It consists of two test-fitting inspections: woodworking completion and all process completion. The test-fitting inspection of woodworking completion mainly checks the assembly dimensions of woodworking quality and office furniture products. Position error, when the quality of woodworking is guaranteed, veneer and finishing will be carried out, and the second trial installation inspection will be carried out after the completion of the whole process.

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3. For example, in the production process, the customer needs to change in some details, office furniture manufacturers will try their best to cooperate with relevant producers to make timely changes to meet customer flexible customization needs.

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The above links are the work that needs to be done in the whole process of production inspection. They can be completed in two weeks. Of course, if it is a relatively large project, such as one floor of the whole office building, the production cycle will take at least one month.