Difference between particleboard and density board office furniture

- Jan 17, 2019-

Plate office furniture is the most widely used category in modern office space. Low price and fashionable appearance are the biggest characteristics of plate office furniture. But we also know that there are several kinds of plate materials. Each kind of plate material has its own characteristics and similarities. Now editor mainly talks about density board and particleboard.

density board and particleboard.

For office furniture made of these two kinds of plates, there are many people who misunderstand that particleboard is more environmentally friendly than density board. Of course, this is not the case. If you know the national standards for environmental protection materials, you will know that environmental protection, mainly depends on whether the material reaches the E1 level, as long as they reach the level, they are all environmentally friendly, because these two materials are mixed with broken wood and viscose, environmentally friendly can only see how much glue used, exceeding the standard that is not qualified.

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Although the two kinds of office furniture are board-style, there are still some differences in the internal structure of the material, and these small differences also give them different characteristics. Particleboard is made of some larger pieces of wood chips, which are not regular, so there are gaps in the interior after making, which makes its nail holding force worse, but he also has advantages, that is, it has good moisture-proof effect. The density board is made of fine particles, and the density is very uniform. The most obvious feature is that the surface is smooth and regular.

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In fact, in the view of office furniture manufacturer practitioners, there is basically no difference between the two materials, but the performance characteristics are different, which kind of material is better for office furniture, which depends on the use environment.