Does solid wood and bark office furniture not distinguish clearly?

- Jan 20, 2019-

Now let me talks about the best-selling and most popular wood-skin office furniture first. Wood bark is a kind of solid wood veneer. It is usually based on artificial wood. It is covered with a layer of solid wood bark 0.6mm thick, and painted with perforating paint to protect the surface of solid wood. Generally speaking, board office furniture is the most common type of office furniture. In the current market, in addition to solid wood veneer, there are also veneer, composite leather and other materials.

veneer modern office desk

The reason why wood-skin office furniture is more popular is not only related to its appearance and price, but also has the elegant appearance of solid wood office furniture, but the price is much cheaper than pure wood, and the same desk can show a variety of style characteristics because of the different texture of wood skin, which is the best choice for most enterprise customers. 

soild wood office desk

Solid wood office furniture refers to office furniture made of pure wood. The price is determined according to the type of wood. However, in general, besides the use of high-grade wood by very few customers, there are more applications of ordinary wood such as pine, maple and birch. Although the price is more expensive than that of bark, it is still at the purchasable level.

The most fundamental difference between solid wood and leather furniture products is that the first is to see the wood grain, the same solid wood, the two interfacial wood grain should be able to clearly see the natural connection between vertical section and cross section. The veneer furniture in the production of two adjacent interfaces, usually do not turn, but each paste a piece, so the two interfaces of wood grain should not normally be joined.