Embodying the Aesthetic Sense of Office Furniture by Material

- Feb 27, 2019-

I feels that this is not only because the material is related to the quality, but also the material is related to the craft and shape of the office furniture. The material is an important factor in the overall artistic beauty of the office furniture.

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The visual aesthetics of office furniture is inseparable from its basic material. All aspects of the aesthetics we can perceive visually, such as craft aesthetics, structural aesthetics, tone aesthetics, are based on material.

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 If a designer wants to design a kind of office furniture with aesthetic feeling, the first thing to consider is which kind of material is used to realize the aesthetic feeling of the design. For example, if you want to design a dignified and stable desk, then the best material selection is solid wood, and in solid wood can show dignified and stable, should be that kind of darker color material, such as black walnut, sour wood, sandalwood, etc. If you want to pursue a more modern fashion aesthetic feeling, the choice of material should be the first board, followed by aluminum alloy, glass, plastic. These kinds, or some kind of combination.

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Customers often care about material when customizing office furniture. Material quality is closely related to the price of office furniture. But if they really look at the material to choose, every customer can not help but look at the artistic feeling of the material. They are also thinking about which style of material their office chooses will be more appropriate. Yes, the material is also stylish, and do it. The style of public furniture after making is actually an upgrade and extension of material style.

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Many aesthetic crafts are implemented on the material, such as carving and hollowing, which are carried out on solid wood, and different solid wood crafts are applied in different ways. Many people like more fashionable and modern office furniture, and such office furniture is often board type, because the look of the board itself is more fashionable, more suitable for the design and manufacture of fashionable office furniture.