Five Notices for Cleaning Office Furniture

- Nov 26, 2018-

On the one hand, cleaning office furniture is for hygiene, on the other hand, it is for longer life of office furniture. Usually some people have the habit of cleaning office furniture, but some people don't even have the consciousness of cleaning. It's possible to wipe it once or twice a year, and they don't think there's anything wrong with it. But in fact, a lot of bacteria have been brought to your body and eaten into your mouth. Not much nonsense. Today I'm going to tell you something about cleaning your desk.


1. How to choose the water for wiping office furniture

For glass office furniture, we can use room temperature water with detergent; while wood paint as far as possible do not use hot water, in order to warm water is the best; plate office furniture need to dry water when wiping, with warm water wipe.

2. After wiping office furniture, there should be no residual water stains. It should be completely wiped. Otherwise, the water stains will absorb dust and bacteria, making the original wiped office furniture more unsanitary.


3. Clean office furniture should not be sunbathed directly.

Some people think that after cleaning the office furniture, it is wet, so they will choose to open the curtains directly to the sun, hoping to dry faster. In fact, this is a very wrong approach, because direct sunlight will accelerate the aging of office furniture surface tone, resulting in yellowing, glossy phenomenon.


4. Don't just wipe the surface of office furniture.

Many people clean office furniture just by wiping off the surface. In fact, this is incorrect, because when you wipe the surface, dust and everything will fall down along the corner. At this time, the bottom of office furniture will be covered with dust, so you need to wipe a complete set of furniture when cleaning.

5. Don't scrape with a knife if you can't erase it.

Sometimes we will encounter some unrubbable stains. Many people like to scrape the surface of office furniture directly with that knife. The simplest way to scrape the surface of office furniture is to use our nails. The soft nails will not hurt the surface.