Five principles should be followed in the production of office furniture

- Dec 31, 2018-

1. Production Principles for Sustainable Development

Modern partition office workstation

The materials used for office furniture are all from nature. At the same time, we should understand that these resources are not infinite. We should take into account the recyclability of materials, and recycling is never wasted. In the process of production, we should also take into account the protection of the environment. Wastes and harmful substances should be properly handled so as not to cause damage to the environment.

2. Principles of Innovative Development

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Despite its simplicity, office furniture still has many creative aspects. We should cultivate team innovation ability and reduce product homogeneity, which not only helps our own development, but also positively affects the development process of the whole industry.

3. The Rationality Principle of Design

New design office manager desk

The design of office furniture should be based on rationality and scientificity. It may express artistic sense and style and appearance in the design, but these can not deviate from the rationality of structure, function and mechanics. On the premise of ensuring the quality and stability of office furniture, we should pursue art and form.

4. Principles of Following Trends

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What kind of office furniture to produce, according to the current market demand, from the current popular office methods, office crowds, management standards, frontier direction to design the corresponding era of office furniture.

5. Humanization Principle

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Office furniture is used for people's goods, in the design and manufacture, we should take into account the human experience comfort in all aspects, and can provide a more healthy way of office.