How to adjust office chairs correctly

- Nov 09, 2018-

 Although office chairs are ordinary office furniture, in the process of using with the desk, their height affects office comfort and health. . Therefore, we should pay attention to the following points.

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1.Height of chair is regulated according to the height of desk.

According to the working height of the desk, adjust the height of the office chair. The best result of adjusting is that the elbow is just on the desktop in a straight body. This is the best height and helps to form the best sitting posture.

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2. The height of the chair should not be too high.

If the height of the office chair is too high, in order to find a parallel field of vision in the work, the eyes will involuntarily bend down the body, which will present the image of hunchback. Most people do not know that, for a long time, it will cause a real hunchback phenomenon in the body, which is extremely unhealthy. So the height of the chair must not be too high to avoid the problem of leaving a hunchback.

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3.The chair which can not be adjusted can be changed.

Nowadays, the height of many office chairs can be adjusted. When the company is equipped with office chairs, we should pay more attention to this point. The unadjustable office chairs can only be used in meetings, leisure and other places. If the office chairs can not be adjusted, they can be replaced. After all, working is not like a meeting, they always need to sit for a whole day, so if they can not be adjusted,the chair is very unhealthy.

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