How to choose suitable conference table

- Nov 15, 2018-

The same as the desk, the conference table is also the main office furniture in the office space, but the difference is that the desk is usually used for personal office space, while the conference table is a platform used by the collective, and also needs to communicate with each other. So in the choice of conference table, pay more attention to communication. The material and color of the conference table are therefore also targeted.

China office furniture modern office conference table

1. The choice of color

The color of the conference table should be selected from the atmosphere. You can choose vermilion, cherry, and warm white color,because these colors look more spacious and can adjust the atmosphere of the conference site so that people don't feel a sense of urgency. The decoration style of the same conference room should be matched with the color of the conference table to achieve an integrated fusion effect.

Hot sale leather office big conference table

2. The choice of materials

The meeting is more serious and disciplined, so the atmosphere of the conference room is at the same time as the atmosphere, but also has a certain sense of solemnity. The material that is most suitable for the conference table should be solid wood, and then painted with red or white paint on the outside. The solid wood paint conference table is the most suitable for the conference.

Simple but classic office conference table with steel legs

The choice of color and material for the conference table is mainly to create a solemn and lively meeting atmosphere.