How to choose the best executive desk for yourself

- Jan 22, 2019-

There are basically two kinds of desks in the application type. One is the single layout of the leading office, and the other is the public office space, which is connected and placed side by side. The second kind of desk is more uniform in height and size, and the size of each desk is the same; while the first kind of desk can be more detailed in size, so how to make the best choice for the independent desk? We need to pay attention to these aspects.

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1. First is the height of the desk.

The height of the desk is chosen by the height of the user's sitting posture. First, the height of the office chair should be determined. If the office chair can be lifted, it is best. If not, the height of the desk should not be too high, which will increase the pressure of the limbs. Also, it should not be too low, which will increase the strength of the spine bending. The best way is to keep the height of the elbow flat or slightly low.

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2. Functional collocation of desks

Sometimes the work content is more, to deal with different work, the working mode may change. At this time, it is better to choose a multi-functional desktop, such as a large desktop with a desk, or L-shaped desktop, in order to divide the intelligent part of the desk, in order to provide the needs of different office applications.

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3. Office space

When people work at their desks, they should have enough smooth space for activities. This requires attention to the design of the proportion of desk size. This should be based on the size of office space to budget. On the basis of ensuring that enough comfortable space for activities is reserved, the specific size and size of the desk should be determined.