How to judge the quality of desk

- Mar 01, 2019-

The following standards are the in-house standards of Foshan office furniture. They are mainly used to determine the qualified rate of desks. They are easy to understand and practice, and are suitable for self-examination and comparison of various types of customers.

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Part I: Standards for Desk Structure

The structure of the desk refers to two parts of the desktop and the frame. The desktop is a board surface. The standard is: the size of the desktop is flat without scratches, bulges, depressions and deflections; the edge of the desktop is tightly sealed without opening, degumming, cracks and warping; the surface of lacquer is uniform, no paint dropping and paint stripping. The standard part of the frame structure is that it is strong and has no shaking and noise when pushed by hand.

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Part II: Detailed Process Standards

Detailed workmanship of the desk is a very important part, first of all, it depends on the connection of the structure, whether the connection is regular and orderly, whether there is skewed or excessive connection; in addition, it depends on the details of the accessories, the integrity of all kinds of accessories, whether the fittings standards are installed in place, whether there is no missing assembly, etc.

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Part III: Environmental Protection Standards

The environmental protection of the desk can be achieved quickly through the instrument, which is the most effective method at present. If there is no instrument, it also depends on whether the desk has a large odor. As long as it is very unpleasant and pungent odor, it shows that the desk is not environmentally friendly enough. There must be a reason for the strange odor.

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Part IV: Humanization Standards

The humanized design of the desk is also very important, which is related to the efficiency and health of the use. First look at the corner of the desk whether there is a smooth design, and then look at the shape of the desktop, straight table is certainly not humanized, humanized is usually U-line or L-shaped, the edge should be rounded, no burrs; and the height of the desk, can not be too high or too low, do a good job in about 80CM.

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