Glass office furniture maintenance methods

- Oct 22, 2018-

For glass office furniture, in daily life must not force the impact of glass, in order to prevent thin surface scratch, and in daily life the best spread on the table cloth. When placing objects on glass office furniture, they should be handled as lightly as possible.

And in daily cleaning, we can also use a wet towel or newspaper to wipe the desktop, if the desktop is stained, you can use a towel dipped in beer or warm vinegar to wipe, if you want to use detergent to clean the desktop, remember not to use a strong acid-base solution to clean.

glass office leather manager table

If the ground glass is dirty, you can use a toothbrush dipped in detergent and wipe it in circles along the pattern. At the same time, you can drip kerosene or chalk ash and gypsum powder dipped in water and apply it to the glass for drying. Then you can clean the glass with a clean cloth or cotton, so that the glass will be washed in a modern office. The company became clean and bright.

glass office meeting table

For glass office furniture, it is best placed in a more fixed place, and try not to move at will, but also to place objects smoothly, for relatively heavy materials on the bottom of glass office furniture as far as possible, in order to prevent glass office furniture center of gravity instability and rollover. In addition, try to avoid moisture, away from stoves, acids and alkalis and other chemical reagents, in order to prevent corrosion deformation.

And once the office furniture products damp will directly affect people's health, and moisture-proof has become a very important problem in the current maintenance. And office furniture manufacturer furniture products and material types are very many, the following we will learn about different materials of furniture daily maintenance methods!

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