How to Select Screens for Screen Workplace

- Mar 25, 2019-

1.Material selection of screen. There are many kinds of screen materials, such as screen cloth, glass, plate, plastic and so on. When choosing screen materials, we should choose them according to the actual needs. If we want to be beautiful, we should choose plate or plastic, if we want to be clean and bright, we should choose glass, and if we have personality and benefit, we should choose screen cloth.

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2. Screen color selection. The color of screen should be chosen according to the style that the space wants to express, mainly the difference of cold and warm tones. There are many young people, and the company belongs to the dynamic type, so choose warm tones. If it is creative, it needs a quiet working environment, then choose cool tones, which appears quiet and elegant.

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3. Selection of screen height. The height of the screen is not fixed. We can customize the size of the screen by customizing the office furniture. We can make the corresponding height of the screen according to the space pattern and the use needs of employees.