Knowing the quality standard of office furniture can be a better choice

- Feb 21, 2019-

1.Quality Standards of Wooden Office Furniture

Wooden office furniture is mainly made of solid wood, such as desks, file cabinets, bookshelves, etc. Their quality standards mainly include the following points: material needs absolute integrity of wood, no moth, cracks, wood deformation, etc. According to the unified standard of Shanghai office furniture, water content should be less than 9%; solid wood office furniture using paint is very common. However, at present in Shanghai, office furniture manufacturers are not allowed to use paint, water-based paint or other environmentally friendly paint can be used; there are still some problems such as size, gap, structure and so on, which are not standard, can be identified at a glance.

Wooden office furniture executive desk

2.The Quality Standards of Board Office Furniture

Board office furniture mainly refers to office furniture made of wood-based panels, such as particleboard, fiberboard, fingerboard, etc. The moisture content of the same plate material should be less than 14%. The processing result of the plate should be smooth and smooth without burrs. The finished product has no seams and shaking feeling. The cabinet door and drawer can be pulled flexibly without abnormal noise and excessive friction. The most important thing is the environmental protection of board office furniture, which should meet the national standard of E1/E0. 

 Board Office Furniture modern office workstations

3.The Quality Standards of Metal Office Furniture

Metal office furniture mainly refers to the structure of steel file cabinet and other alloy desks and chairs, and the density, toughness, bending resistance and deformation resistance of metal materials should meet the standards, which can be confirmed directly by steel testing reports; the appearance of metal office furniture should be smooth and smooth, without obvious visual quality problems such as scratches, burrs, bulges and depressions; the spraying process should achieve uniform surface, uniformity, deformation resistance and so on. No standard for paint stripping or leaking.

Metal Office Furniture modern office file cabinet

Knowing the above standards, we will be more confident when purchasing office furniture. We can find out the existence of quality problems in advance and reduce the subsequent troubles such as repairing and replacing.