New office furniture is far more cost-effective than second-hand goods

- Mar 14, 2019-

There are a lot of websites selling second-hand office furniture on the Internet. Even if it is old and replaced, there are many people who are willing to buy it. In order to get a cheap price, this situation is not uncommon in the Shanghai office furniture market. Second-hand office furniture, as well as some rental offices, are also rented together with second-hand furniture, but in terms of overall value and efficiency, it is best to buy new office furniture.

Glass office modern desk

Comparison of value advantages: In terms of price alone, the same price of a desk is much cheaper than the old one; but the price is calculated according to its own value, and the old office furniture material is definitely aging. And there are also wear and tear, the value is naturally greatly discounted; and the new office furniture all accessories are made of new materials, the price is naturally a new price, because it has a longer life and more solid performance.

Office modern Workstations

Appearance effect comparison: even if the old office furniture is 80% new, it will lack luster and vitality in appearance; some even have scratches, fades, scratches. And the appearance of new office furniture is not necessary to say, as long as not fake and inferior products are new everywhere.

Office leather sofa

Functional experience comparison: as long as the old office furniture can be used, it shows that the function is intact and can be used normally, but in the use effect and experience, it has to be said that, for example, the office sofa, the old elasticity is certainly not as good as the new, and the softness of the work is also low. New office furniture in function, not only efficient, but also very comfortable, comfortable mood will be better, work efficiency will naturally improve.

In fact, in order to buy second-hand office furniture cheaply is not really cost-effective, short life, the key is to use comfort and efficiency is not as good as new, so the highest cost-effective is not to add the lowest used goods, but a brand-new high-efficiency new products.