Office furniture customization requires 4 questions

- Jan 05, 2019-

1. Matching with old office furniture

Office Partition Desk

If you customize the new office furniture before you use part of the old office furniture in your office space, then before customizing, you should consider the matching with the old office furniture, not to mention the function, at least in terms of size, overall structure, shape, color style and so on. The purpose of doing so is not to destroy the integrity of the overall layout of office space and maintain the consistency of style.

2. What kind of office chairs to match

High Back Executive Chair

Don't forget to match office chairs when buying a desk. There are many choices of office chairs. But before buying, if you want to consider the matching with the desk, if it's a screen desk, you'd better choose the appropriate size of the desk according to the size of the screen. If it's a straight desk, you can choose a more generous size. Here, Shanghai office furniture I recommends the chair with pulleys. because these office chair is more flexible and convenient.

3.If it need extended functions

Call Center Cubicles Workstation

Customization of office furniture, there are many rights of self-selection, at this time do not focus on the selection of material style, to pay attention to the next details, such as the expansion of some things, such as the increase of wiring slots, hooks, desktop shelves, logo cards, writing boards and so on, according to the actual needs of the work of the expansion function of specific office furniture customization.

4. Create installation conditions ahead of time

modern office furniture workstation

The installation of office furniture is provided by the manufacturer of office furniture. Before the distribution is in place, we should tidy up the installation environment and create the most favorable installation conditions so as to facilitate the smooth construction and installation of workers and strive to complete the operation ahead of time.