Office furniture trend-DESIGN

- May 13, 2019-

Put a variety of spatial planning to create a relaxed and free office atmosphere; flexible and individual space design, to stimulate more creative and thoughtful staff; technology and intelligent office facilities, to promote staff more energy-efficient and convenient ... now, the design of office space The blue ocean era has arrived.

manager desk

In a new, dynamic and fast-developing era, we can no longer endure the weak value and low efficiency created in the era of knowledge economy. The design of office furniture and office space should not be just the "hardware" of the screen and the desk. More should be the "software" of the organization's culture and value system.


Reporter: What do you think is the development trend of office space?


Professionals: The development trend of the future office space? Should be side to the company culture and personality, to create an office environment with the company's own culture, work processes, employee characteristics.


3 seat workstation 


Reporter: What do you think is the development trend of office furniture design?


Professionals: Good brands are better designed. The six major trends in the future of the office are: 1. Flexibility: The design should respond to the growth and change of the enterprise, making the product and space more flexible; 2. Diversification: conforming to various office life such as socialization, regional collaboration, and mobile office; Concerned about health: health is not only reflected in ergonomics, but also includes environmental protection, air quality, noise control, sports, lighting and vision; 4, connectivity and wisdom: integration of AR / VR, big data / IOT / cloud computing and other technologies, Make the office more efficient; 5, personality and culture: let the design meet the new attitude and work culture, tend to be fun, home, more creative, belonging, and autonomy; 6, environmentally sustainable: use environmentally friendly materials, recycled materials To extend the life of the product and make the design greener.


meeting table 

Reporter: In response to the above development trends, what preparations do furniture companies need to make?


Professionals: Companies need to have a team that focuses on design research. Instead of participating in specific design and development, the team pays more attention to the industry's development trends, understands, understands, and analyzes the usage of existing and target customers. Explore opportunities for design innovation.