Selection process of office furniture manufacturer

- Mar 18, 2019-

Material selection is the first step before the production of office furniture, but also a very important step, which is related to the stability of the foundation and determines the quality of office furniture products. Only if the quality and performance of the base material is good, can we produce high-quality office furniture products, so the first step in material selection must be carefully and carefully selected. Below is a small edition of Shanghai office furniture manufacturers to tell you how a high-quality office furniture prenatal material selection is carried out.

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1. Material quality determination: First, there are two kinds of material selection categories. One is what kind of material the customer chooses under the circumstance of customization of office furniture. Of course, the rationality of material quality also needs to be suggested and reminded by the office furniture manufacturer. Although it is self-selection of material, it is always suitable. Another situation is that the manufacturer of office furniture chooses the basic materials according to the material, style, application category and so on. This step is to select the best material for office furniture, and to meet customer needs.

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2. Channel selection: Material quality is determined, you need to purchase the base material. In addition to some large office furniture manufacturers have a variety of base materials, the general office furniture manufacturers are single to purchase, so as to ensure flexibility, not backlog of goods. There are two important points for office furniture manufacturers to purchase base materials. Firstly, the procurement channels should be regular, so as to ensure the quality of all aspects. Secondly, it is better to find familiar channels, that is, old customer channels, so as to get preferential prices, so as to reduce costs and transaction prices.

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3. Material inspection: Before material is put into manufacture, the most critical step is quality inspection. In order to ensure that the material purchased meets the normal standards in water content, hardness, integrity and density, office furniture manufacturers need to examine these aspects carefully, so that all qualified materials can be put into production.