Standard for Processing Process of Solid Wood Veneer Office Furniture

- Mar 04, 2019-

Compared with many people, it is not clear what the process of this kind of office furniture with wooden veneer is. Let me introduce the process below.

Part Ⅰ Choose wood skin

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First of all, choose the best material of the bark, usually used in pine, maple, oak, cherry, acid wood these kinds of bark, regardless of which selection criteria are: uniform thickness, neat size without hairy edges, water content reached the standard, no obvious color difference, smooth and natural patterns, enough smoothness and so on. Usually there are two kinds of bark above 0.5 mm and below, thick and thin.

Part Ⅱ Veneer attached

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Before attaching wood skin, office furniture should first polish the surface of the board to ensure that there are no burrs, obvious depressions or bulges, no scratches, neat edges and corners, flat and inclined, and then apply the adhesive specially used for attaching wood skin to paint evenly, and finally attach wood skin.

Part Ⅲ Post-attachment processing

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Office furniture should be placed at normal temperature for one to two hours (the specific static time depends on the amount of glue, environmental temperature, environmental humidity, material and other actual conditions). When you touch the wood with the back of your hand, you can feel the stickiness but the glue does not stick to your hands.

Part Ⅳ Final disposal

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If conditions permit, it needs to be heated for 3-10 seconds with an electric iron bucket (the temperature is 150-170 C is preferable). If thick wood bark is used, the heating time should be increased appropriately. After bonding, it is necessary to detect whether there are bubbles on the wood surface or whether it is firm. If not, it can be ironed with an electric iron, and sandpaper is used to grind it smooth and smooth. It will take about 6 hours to place after final confirmation.