The boundary between furniture and office furniture is becoming more and more blurred.

- Apr 16, 2019-

The development of office furniture is no longer a simple labor output and auxiliary tools, many elements of life have been gradually integrated into office furniture.

LOPO office furniture executive desk

Office Furniture Categories with Life Elements

Office furniture is only a small category at the beginning, which contains office furniture is also monotonous, basically only desks, office chairs, filing cabinets, conference tables, tool cabinets and so on. With the change of people's office mode and the diversification of office demand, the types of office furniture that can be applied in office space begin to enrich. There are office furniture such as office sofa, leisure desk and chair, folding bed, tea table and so on. There are also public office furniture such as desk and chair, locker and public chair used in school public places.

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Design of Office Furniture with Life Elements

Not to mention those leisure office furniture, even the conventional office furniture is now very different from the past. In order to make life and work more in touch, people have different needs for some office furniture. For this reason, some office furniture manufacturers integrate some elements of life into office furniture to meet such needs as openness, freedom and flexibility, which are open. At present, the demand for office furniture is more typical, such as changing the original work place into a private dining room table and chair similar to the leisure dining room. In such a space, office is both leisure and privacy, which is a typical case of integration of living elements into office. There is also the use of office sofa office, more freedom, as if working at home.

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This phenomenon of incorporating life elements into office furniture illustrates people's pursuit of freedom and their attitude towards work as part of a better life.