The problem of excessive formaldehyde indoor is not necessarily office furniture

- Dec 26, 2018-

Recently, there are news reports that because of the excessive formaldehyde in the room, staff members have different respiratory inflammation problems. At first, they thought that the indoor decoration was not environmentally friendly enough. After on-site inspection by environmental protection agencies, they found that the source of excessive formaldehyde was in the file cabinet, and the key point was that the file cabinet was not a problem. Finally, the result was that hundreds of books placed on their file cabinet were questioned. In other words, formaldehyde is constantly released during the storage of these books after they are bought back.

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Why do books release formaldehyde instead of office furniture? Now editor from LOPO wants to tell you that the current wooden office furniture, including desks, chairs, file cabinets and so on, all have production standards, that is to say, only qualified at least E1 level, and the press said that the file cabinet has been used for many years, it is impossible to have formaldehyde problems, so the test results also prove this point, the material used in the main books has problems.

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Nowadays, ink is used for printing and color illustrations, and viscose is used for binding paper. Both of them contain formaldehyde, and the books are extruded together, which reduces the possibility of ventilation. If ventilation is not paid attention to indoors, the formaldehyde content will exceed the standard and cause harm to the body.

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Now editor from LOPO reminds you that it is possible to release formaldehyde whether it is decoration or office furniture or books, so indoor ventilation must be maintained.