The taboo of Office sofa

- Jul 27, 2018-

First of all, avoid not thinking about style. Compared with the basic decoration of the family, sofa in addition to the use of functions, but also played a role in setting off the environment.

Therefore, the sofa style and color must be with home decoration, decoration of the main color unity. Second, do not take into account the size. In the market to choose the sofa, you will find a lot of sofa size, there are thousands of kinds, so there will be such a situation, buy back sofa too large, the living room becomes overcrowded, sofa size small, and overall space imbalance.

Therefore, in the selection of sofas, should first understand their living room or bedroom area, and then choose the right sofa.

Third, do not take into account the family's living habits. Four, should not consider the sofa depth. The common size of sofa in the market is 95 centimeters, this kind of depth is suitable for people under 1.7 meters height.

Height of 1.7 meters or more people have the best choice of 105 cm depth sofa, can completely alleviate the tension on the back of the state. Five, do not take into consideration the weight of the sofa.

To choose a durable sofa, first of all to see whether the sofa frame is durable and difficult to variant. VI, do not take into consideration the resilience of the sofa. The traditional sofa frame usually only uses snake-like spring, such sofa in the use of a period of time is prone to deformation and collapse problems, thus affecting the beauty and use of sofas.

Rebound relatively good sofa is generally the use of snake-shaped spring and bandages combined, so that the strength of the sofa and resilience will be doubled, even if your child in the sofa jumping, cushion is not easy to deformation. Seven, avoid regardless of cushion comfort.

Excellent soft sofa, are not suitable for human body normal sitting, will have a certain impact on the spine of the human body. Eight, avoid not to consider the sofa wear and washable. If the home has the elderly, children, to choose anti-fouling, wear-resistant sofa fabric good performance.

In addition to the leather fabric, suede and twill are preferred, this material has a similar animal fur delicate feel, it's longitude combined density, wear-resistant, not easily deformed