Tips for preventing yellowing of white office furniture

- Dec 24, 2018-

To slow down the occurrence of office furniture yellowing, we first need to know what causes yellowing. White gradually covered with a yellowish color, which is actually the deterioration of the surface paint, causing deterioration is caused by air temperature, humidity, ultraviolet radiation.


Seasonal changes will change temperature and humidity. Summer is very hot, winter is very cold, spring and summer is humid, autumn and winter is dry. Such changes have a great impact on the coatings particles on the surface of office furniture. The greater the difference, the greater the impact, the more obvious the changes will be. Gradually, the white pigments fade away and become yellow particles. At this time, we will see that the changes in temperature and humidity have a great impact on the coatings particles on the surface of office furniture, then it will get yellowing.


Ultraviolet radiation has a great killing effect on all light-colored molecules, which is why light-colored molecules are easier to detect when they change. People who have sunburned white clothes and shoes in summer should know how powerful they are. Ultraviolet radiation has the same lethality to white desks and can make desks change like white shoes and clothes.

When we understand these, to slow down the yellowing of white office furniture, we know that the key is to balance the indoor temperature and humidity and prevent ultraviolet radiation on office furniture.