Tips of choosing the right office furniture

- Oct 20, 2018-

Nowadays, people's aesthetic pursuit of office furniture is increasing day by day. Comfortable office furniture should have the feeling of "being bright". Professional psychologists believe that the relationship between color and mood is relatively close. Red will make people excited, blue will make people calm; people with depressed mood will easily generate passion from red, and feel more depressed and lonely in blue. Therefore, do not underestimate the color matching of the office, the color affects the mood, and thus will affect the work efficiency.

The popular office furniture is mainly divided into dark and light colors, but in general, many people have a soft spot for light colors. So, how can we use the color matching of office furniture to make people feel comfortable and improve work efficiency? Next, please follow me to get some idea how to choose office furniture for your office.

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1.Dark Color office furniture system

The dark color includes about five shades: walnut, gray, brown, dark red, and plain blue. Usually gray for desks; black, brown for boss chairs and reception room tables; plain blue and dark red for office chairs. Because the blue is elegant and not bright; the red is solemn and lively; the black and brown have always given people a sense of dignity, and using them to decorate the conference room will encourage you to concentrate.

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2. Light Color office furniture system

In recent years, the popular light color system has broken through the tradition. White maple wood color and Sapele color have also been widely used, which makes the office have a sense of jumping in color. Light-colored desks, cabinets and screens make the office more bright. .

In general, the color of the office should be configured according to the principle of “big jump, small harmony”. “Big jump” refers to the color change between offices.

If you have two offices, the two offices can choose completely different keynotes. For example, the office chooses deep walnut color as the main color, and the reception room chooses light blue as the main color. This is the “big jump”; the doors and windows of each house Tables, chairs, floors and even bright office archives and trivial office supplies must maintain their overall harmony, which is "small harmony." In this way, although your work activities are limited in scope, you will feel refreshed every time you go.

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Tips of choosing office furniture colors

1.Light office furniture in low office floors.

Old-fashioned office buildings usually have dark brown wooden walls around them, and dark colors can create a sense of contraction. And the dark brown is the color of the town, the color of the wall is used, the dark brown wooden wall is pressed, but the ground must also use dark color to avoid top-heavy.

In the new office building, it is necessary to use a lighter and lighter color office furniture, because the light color can make people feel a sense of expansion, making the office significantly higher. The color of the wall with light blue and light green is good, but don't use beige, beige makes people feel drowsy, if there is dust, it will look old.

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Shaded office with warm office furniture

A sunny office makes people feel good, and some offices have a dull, even no windows at all, which makes people feel cold and rely on artificial light sources. Therefore, such offices do not use cool-toned office furniture, brick red, Indian red, orange red and other colors can make people feel warm. And the walls must not use the color of strong reflective ability, otherwise the staff will cause eye fatigue due to light stimulation, no spirit, and invisibly reduce work efficiency.

Leading seats should be darker in color office furniture

The color used by a unit's office is not only the same as the whole, but also considers the difference in the level of the employee by the difference in local colors. For example, the desk of a company's ordinary employees is light gray, and the office chair is dark red, which is a lively embellishment of the entire cool color, and allows the leader to see at a glance which employee is not in the seat; the middle management of the company The desks of the top management and the executives are all brown, but the office chairs of the middle managers are blue-gray, while the office chairs of the top management are black, showing solemnity and authority.

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