What are the characteristics of solid wood veneer desk

- Feb 03, 2019-

There are many kinds of materials for desks. Solid wood desks, Steel-wood desks and board desks are the three most common types, but there are still one that sells well, that is, solid wood veneer desks. This kind of desk is solid solid wood desks from the appearance, but in fact it is board-like, but only with a layer of wooden skin on its surface. This kind of desk can be said at present. The most popular type, let's talk about the advantages of veneered desks.

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1. Low Appearance Price of Solid Wood

Solid wood office furniture has natural and beautiful patterns, but in general, few people will really use solid wood desks, the price is too expensive. And the wooden veneer desk has the same solid wood pattern, and you can have any type of pattern you want, but the price is much lower than that of pure solid wood.

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2. Moisture-proof and waterproof performance is better

The solid wood veneer on the desk surface is waterproof and moistureproof treated. It feels very smooth and has no texture gap in essence, so it will not be affected by moisture, even if tea sprinkles on it.

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3. Tougher and Longer Life

Solid wood veneer desk is made of board, and the desktop is tightly edged, so the degree of toughness is much higher than that of solid wood, and as time goes on, the board will not wear as obviously as solid wood, because of the reason of edge sealing.

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