What are the three connection modes of office furniture?

- Feb 28, 2019-

Whether it is a screen desk or a straight-through desk, they are not born as a whole, they are composed of various functional parts. These different parts are integrated by some connecting ways. These connecting ways can be divided into several kinds because of the different material of the desk. What are the ways of connecting the office furniture structure? I will explain to you the following:

Frist,mortise-tenon connection

mortise-tenon connection

This connection method is mainly used in solid wood office furniture. Its characteristic is that it does not use a nail and screw to ensure the integrity of the wood. Moreover, this connection method belongs to the traditional technology, and the final effect is very beautiful and elegant. However, this connection mode is limited by the type of wood. Only stable wood can be used. Those materials which are easily affected by air humidity and temperature are not suitable, because once the wood expands or shrinks, the structural stability will be affected.

Second,bonding method

bonding method

This method is suitable for solid wood and board. The special viscose for office furniture will be used to connect with the components. The feature is that it does not damage the texture of the organization, but also has a smooth and smooth contour structure. But the disadvantage is that it affects the environmental protection. Because the industrial glue contains formaldehyde, it will cause damage to the indoor air, so the office furniture with this connection technology is better through when it is bought back. Store in the wind for a period of time.

Third,Hardware Connector Connection

Hardware Connector Connection

This method can be applied to any material, whether wood or metal or glass. This kind of hardware connector is customized mainly according to the actual situation. It mainly realizes the connection of desk structure by means of card, hook and fix. This is the most common connection technology at present, but it requires high quality of metal materials, so its cost is much higher than the above two.