When we buy office furniture, how do we distinguish the hardware of handrails?

- Oct 26, 2018-

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Check the Hand appearance

First, check the surface color and protective film of the handle, whether there are any breakage and scratch. To judge the quality of the handles, first of all, the surface treatment should be considered. A good sanding handles should have a relatively dull color to give people a sense of stability; the partition line between the light and the sanding should be straight if the distorted lines are obviously inferior; Contrary a good bright handles should be reflective as a mirror, bright and transparent without flaws.

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Trial handle

Good quality handle it should have the comfortable touch.So, when you are choosing, you can try to feel whether the surface treatment is smoothly and pull up ok or not. Actually a good handle edge should be smoothed, without stubble sticking hands and  cutting hands feelings.

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Listening to the sound of handle

Some immoral office furniture manufacturers in the market, jerry-built, filling cement or solder iron or sandstone in the handle pipe, give a sense of deception consumers. Identify inferior handle can be distinguished from the sound, with a hard tool gently tapping the handle, the full thickness of the handle sound should be more crisp, and thin tube is more boring.

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Check the area around the screw hole

The point should pay attention to choosing handles is better to choose larger handles around the screw holes. Because the smaller the area around the handle screw hole, the more accurate the pull hole on the board is required, otherwise, slight deviation will lead to the exposed handle hole. Therefore, in order to prevent this situation, it is necessary to pay attention to the purchase of the handle screw hole around the area.


Brand certification

Excellent office furniture brand is of high quality. So when you choosing the furniture it is the best to choose reputable brand products. In addition, the current building materials market, most of the high-grade door handles are imported, imported handles are usually more design sense, good quality, relative prices are expensive. If you choose imported handles, you can ask to see the import proof documents of the products, so as not to see the fish in the mix.