Cleaning Of Office Chairs

- Jul 27, 2018-

One: The first of course is to understand the material of office chair, but the general office chair feet are solid wood and iron, stool surface is leather art or cloth, in the cleaning of different materials of the chair cleaning method is not the same. Second: If it is Pilly office chair, in the leather art detergent, it is best to first in the inconspicuous position to try to see whether the fade.

If there is a fading condition to dilute water, when the dirty can be slightly warm water, let its natural dry.

Third: Solid wood office chair feet, you can directly wipe with a dry cloth, and then hit some detergent, do not use too damp cloth, and then go to the sun dry, which will allow the internal decay of wood to speed up. Four: The general fabric of the stool cleaning method is to spray detergent, gently wipe. Especially dirty words can be cleaned with warm water and detergent.

Do not brush lightly, so the cloth will easily look very old.