Good Chair Standard

- Jul 27, 2018-

A good office chair should conform to some of the following criteria:

Must have a adjustable height device and a flexible 360-degree arbitrary rotation of the basic functions.

The depth and width of the seat should be correct, the leading edge of the chair should be kept circular, and the fiber cloth with good breathability should be selected.

Has the support body, eliminates the fatigue tension the backrest.

With the human waist size of the curve design, to prevent the waist vertebra arch, and to protect the lumbar spine function.

The chair must be moved with the body, not restricted to the user, only one sitting posture.

Choose the base area big, the safety high five claw foot seat.

The chair must be free to move, preferably with wheels, while the wheel will choose different material wheels depending on the soft and hard floor.

The chair must not have hooks the clothing or hinders the work the bad design, if uses the armchair with the armrest, then needs to choose the handrail surface to be good tactile material.

All the adjustment devices to be simple and easy to operate.

Accessories such as handrails should be designed to be installed at any time.

Choose the right person to use the chair, at the same time with product assurance and perfect after-sales service. With a beautiful appearance and appropriate color matching.