The Bottleneck Of The Desk

- Jul 27, 2018-

The problem with the domestic desk: the lack of a scientific marketing strategy.

Concretely embodied in the marketing, marketing, channel management, logistics distribution, after-sales service, vendor relations, such as the lack of long-term, stable and scientific strategic guidance.

Phenomenon One: Miscellaneous (many brands), Chaos (market competition disorder), scattered (obvious regional characteristics) and other characteristics.

Phenomenon two: Low-end production, become the production base of foreign enterprises.

Phenomenon Three: Design ability generally low, most can only rely on plagiarism. Phenomenon Four: The product lacks the system design, causes the difficulty mass production to reduce the cost.

For example, the desk, Training table, conference table of the table are from different hardware models, it is difficult to accumulate production to increase production efficiency and reduce production costs.

Phenomenon Five: Lack of brand image of the establishment and maintenance, it is difficult to control the distribution channels, not effective collection of consumer demand information, thus affecting product design promotion.