Why Are More Than 100 Kinds Of Office Furniture Colors Common In The Market?

- Mar 09, 2019-

How many colors are there in office furniture? As long as you have purchased office furniture customized products, you must have seen the color cards provided by the office furniture manufacturers, a thick one, after opening, there are small cards of various colors, and then the customers choose their favorite colors to implement in the appearance of office furniture customized products. Customers often speed up the trading process because they like a particular color.

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How many kinds of office furniture do we usually see, such as desks, filing cabinets and sofas? Light yellow solid wood color? The solid wood color of jujube red? White, grey, black? There are many kinds of office furniture, but if you have seen the color card provided by the office furniture manufacturer, you will find that there are hundreds of different colors in the office furniture, but you don't know why, so many kinds of office furniture can be seen in our daily life. In fact, this is the aesthetic factor.

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In my opinion, Most customers can see hundreds of colors when they select colors through color cards, but because they are used to traditional colors and most of them are conservative, they choose the most frequently used colors. Other colors are not common and may be more abrupt, so the possibility of being selected is very small. This also led to our usual use, see office furniture on those several colors, and because most of the time in order to match the space style, the color between all kinds of office furniture is uniform or similar.

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Obviously, the reason why office furniture manufacturers have to offer so many color options is to attract customers and satisfy customers'random demands on office furniture color. Unfortunately, many customers only like those traditional colors, which have such a function, but they are not fully utilized. It is a pity that manufacturers should match the color of office furniture. More research and design more fashion color matching schemes, so that other colors can be fully utilized.

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