Black Unique Office Chair

Black Unique Office Chair

Lightweight, breathable, multi-purpose

Product Details

Black unique office chair

We provide the black unique office chair for modern office area.As one of the top office furniture supplier in China,in order to develop the black unique office chair, we have made great efforts, including market research and layout design, in order to create a more lightweight office chair for customers. The black unique office,with the use of lightweight materials, the use of a wide range of functions, while the quality is also guaranteed, the service life will not be excessively shortened due to material reasons, is a product worthy of consideration by customers.

Product Introduction 

Product name

Black unique office chair






1.Mesh/ Fabric available

2.Backrest: High-strength plastic frame, with adjustable lumbar support

3.Adjustable fabric headrest with the portable hanger 

4.PU surface with adjustable up and down armrest  

5.Seat: mesh surface fill with natural sponge      

6.Italian Donati mechanism                         

7.Aluminum die-casting base,by baking varnished and polished surface finishing





Packing Volume


Delivery time

25days for 20GP/40HQ

Black unique office chair

Black unique office chair

The surface of the chair can be selected from mesh or non-woven materials, which greatly reduces the weight of the product. At the same time, these materials are also very tough and will not easily break during use.

The frame part is made of ABS high-strength plastic, and the backrest part can be adjusted up and down, suitable for different occasions and users with different needs.Black unique office chair
Black unique office chair

We follow the design concept of creating cost-effective products for our customers. In the chassis and the five-star part, we use imported materials to ensure the quality of the products while effectively controlling costs.

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