Brown Leather Executive Chair

Grand and great designs, extraordinary demeanor, unique lines and profiles, flexible adjustments systems. Brown leather executive chair YS1505A integrating with elegant and healthy taste, further express outstanding styles of leaders.

Product Details

Brown leather executive chair YS1505A

The seat height adjustable function allows you to customize the seat height allowing your knees to be at a 90 degree angle for proper circulation. Tension adjustable knob adjusts the amount of pressure needed to recline the seat back. The tilt-lock allows the seat to recline or remain locked in place for your own personal comfort. You will feel sitting like a king in our brown leather executive chair.


Basic parameters


Brown leather executive chair

Model No.:




Packages of unit:

1pcs in 2 boxes

Unit Volume:



Image & product details show

Brown Leather Executive Chair

Brown Leather Executive Chair

Brown Leather Executive Chair head pillow

Double thick headrest

Ergonomic design  Reduce cervical stress

Brown Leather Executive Chair

Curved back

Close to the curve to relieve fatigue and not sore

Brown Leather Executive Chair

Satisfy the needs of various supporting postures

Brown Leather Executive Chair  high quality feet

Smooth pulley

PU soft adhesive edge, smooth without injury to the floor

Brown Leather Executive Chair

Adjustable button of the back tightness


Material details of brown leather executive chair

Brown Leather Executive Chair Gas lift



Raw sponge healthy and environmental protection

High quality leather soft and breathable


Color selection

Brown leather executive chair is based on the price of high quality cowhide, every curve must be refined on the drawings, only is the pink of perfection, it is the need to create the price of the finished product. It is also the sincere respect to the high quality real leather and the strict requirements for the future works. Therefore, each lofting is like performing the spiritual dance of the master, witnessing a wonderful process from inspiration to reality.

leather color selection


Our main information

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