Cream Leather Office Chair

Innovative, large-area, new material

Product Details

        Cream leather office chair

The China office furniture cream leather office chair is now in promotion.As one of the top office furniture supplier in China,we porvide the cream leather office chair as the recommended products of the year.The cushion part of the chair adopts a semi-enclosed design, which can make the force area larger. The user will feel more comfortable and reliable when sitting up, and can reduce unnecessary bumps, greatly reducing the discomfort of the traditional office chair.This chair features a new leather material that makes the contact surface softer, smoother and more comfortable for long-term use.

Simple Introduction

Product name

Cream leather office chair




Light Khaki(mix color),grayish white



2.Backrest: High-strength steel shape, with polystyrene that is in a set model inside

3.Backplane: ABS injected model with PU upholstery

4. Lumbar support: Lift and drop revision

5. Bottom shell: ABS affluxed with PU leater

6. Seat: High-strengh wood with molded foam

7. Donati mechanism in Italy 

8.Aluminum die-casting substrate,by baking varnished and a whole polished skin





Packing Volume





Delivery time

25days for 20GP/40HQ

Cream leather office chair

Details of the cream leather office chair

Cream leather office chairUsing the leather material of cream leather, the overall appearance of the chair looks very high. In the same price, it is a relatively high-end existence.
The backrest is made of integrated leather and contains high-quality sponges, all used for the first time. There will be no use of refurbished materials.Cream leather office chair
universal wheel

Still adopting the design that can be lifted and lowered, the bracket and the base universal wheel are all made of high-end high-quality materials to maximize the product yield.

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