Extra Tall Office Chair

Executive staff, large office, luxury design.

Product Details

Extra tall office chair

The extra tall office chair used a new design, a headrest is attached to the back of the chair to provide more support for the user's head and more comfortable during use.The headrest can be angled at will and made of high quality materials.And the extra tall office use the curved wooden board skeleton is used to fill the shaped sponge, and the outer surface is covered with leather material.As the extra tall office chair is factory outlet,customers can contact us directly to customize.


Product name

Extra tall office chair




Brown, light gray, charcoal


1.Genuine leather/PU/microfiber leather available

2.Backrest: High-strength steel frame ,filled with modeled foam,with leather upholstery

3.Hearplane: Up and down can be adjusted

4.The Arm place: High-strengh steel frame with foam in a model

5.The Seat: Thick bending board,filling in modeled foam

6.Bottom part: ABS injestion model

7.Rear: hollow-out design with aluminum press-casting trimming,by a complete polished surface

8.Donati mechanism used in Italy

9. Aluminum die-casting substrate,by baking varnished and a whole polished leather





Packing Volume





Delivery time

25days for 20GP/40HQ

Extra tall office chair

Details of the office chair

Extra tall office chair headrest Innovative headrest design for a more high-end and comfortable office experience

The handrail is made of high-strength steel and is filled with a shaped sponge; the seat bag is a high-strength skeleton, filled with high-quality sponge.

Extra tall office chair handrail
bottom shell and the five-star foot

The bottom shell and the five-star foot are all made in the industry's leading industrial design. The specific materials are described above in the table above, which is bound to be durable.

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