Leisure Beach Chair

Leisure Beach Chair

Casual,Bench,Wide range.

Product Details

Leisure beach chair

In order to better meet the market demand, we launched this product,the leisure beach chair.The leisure beach chair is similar to the design of a beach bench, which can be seen as a positioning for casual use.Customers can put this product in the leisure area of the office, or in the company's restaurant or coffee shop, which is a good choice for customers who have this need.The leisure beach chair is factory outlet,so customers can get this product in a really good price,we are looking forward to cooperate with you.

Product Introduction

Product name

Leisure beach chair






1.Genuine leather/PU/microfiber leather available

2.High-strength bending wood fame, with molded foam inside  wood for the frame,                                                      

3. Aluminum chromed die-casting armrest-trimming, polished surface finished.

4.Equipped with backrest and seat bag, filled with high resilience sponge and down cotton





Packing Volume


Delivery time

25days for 20GP/40HQ

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More about the product
basic frame partThe basic frame part is made of high-end curved plate which has been specially treated. It is customized according to the size of the design drawing. It has a strong sense of integration and good shape.
The skeleton part, as the main support part of the product, we use high-strength stainless steel material. After pressing and forming, the subsequent use will not be easily bent and deformed, and has a very long service life.skeleton part
Supporting cushions and soft bagSupporting cushions and soft bags, we use high-quality high-rebound raw sponge and soft down cotton as filling material.

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