Wide Sitting Leather Chair

Wide Sitting Leather Chair

Wild sitting space,Ample,more comfortable

Product Details

Wide sitting leather chair

As one of the top office furniture supplier in China,we provide the wide sitting leather chair.The wide sitting leather chair equipped with a larger and wider seat cushion for those users in larger size.When users sit up, they will feel more spacious than ever before, very flexible and easy.For this wide sitting leather chair, we use more leather and more sponges for filling, and the support is also reinforced to provide a safer and more secure experience.

Product Introduction

Product name

Slim body size office chair




YSX03-Brazilian skin 


1.Genuine leather/PU/microfiber leather available

2.Backrest/Seat: High-strength bending wood frame,natural molded foam

3.Sitting cushion: U shape sitting connect to the body, fill in the natural sponge Italian Donati mechanism

5. Aluminum die-casting base,by baking varnished and polished surface finishing





Packing Volume


Delivery time

25days for 20GP/40HQ

Slim body size office chair

Slim body size office chairThe widened backrest and seat cushion provide more space, and large size users will feel comfortable when they sit up.
In addition to the colors shown on the brochure page, we offer our customers more than 20 color schemes that users can order based on the style of their office. We also create products that meet our needs.Slim body size office chair
Slim body size office chair

The bottom five-star foot part is made of custom aluminum alloy material, which is both beautiful and durable, can withstand more weight, and ensure the safety of users.

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图片5In addition to the factory, we also have a multi-functional exhibition hall. In the exhibition hall, we have a series of products displayed in our collections, which combines our business philosophy and can communicate with customers and make progress together.
From material preparation to packaging, we strictly implement every process in order to ensure the quality output of the products, so that users feel relieved and trustworthy.图片6

We have reached in-depth cooperation with many customers in the international market, with stable trading volume every year and good reputation in the industry.