Hospitality Leisure Chair

Hospitality Leisure Chair

For reception,Easy acceptable ,Popular

Product Details

Hospitality leisure chair

This is an office chair product mainly for reception,called hospitality leisure chair.In the past ten years, we have invested a lot of energy in research and development of innovative office furniture.The hospitality leisure chair is one of the product we use to further explore our customers.Overall design, the hospitality is not too cumbersome, it is a very simple color scheme, the material is also based on lightweight materials, enough to cope with the daily reception scene in the office.

Product Introduction

Product name

Hospitality leisure chair




YSX018-light coffee+YSX01-deep coffee


1.Genuine leather/PU/microfiber leather available

2.Curved wooden backrest armrest integrated foundation frame, filled with natural sponge          

3.High-strength steel support frame, polished wood color surface finished


A :730*765*1070         

B: 730*700*790



Packing Volume


Delivery time

25days for 20GP/40HQ

Hospitality leisure chair

More about the product

Hospitality leisure chair

This product is mainly a simple daily style, the color scheme only uses a simple double color scheme, the intention is that the individual is more likely to be close to each other, and can be more relaxed during the business negotiation process.

On the filling lining, we use high-quality raw sponge. We have decided to use this sponge after a long time of selection. It has excellent resilience and is safe and safe after being harmless.

high-quality raw sponge

For the choice of leather, we offer three materials for customers to choose from. Different leather products will have different textures. Of course, we always focus on the needs of our customers.

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图片4As an office furniture enterprise integrating industry and trade, our products are independently completed from production to sales, so we need a strict QA standard to ensure that every link is not a problem.

After years of hard work, our company is gradually growing and all aspects of work are improving. Especially in foreign trade, we have made great progress, accumulated a lot of foreign trade experience, and the market share is gradually expanding.


Proportion, at present, our global sales account for about 20% in the Middle East, 20% in Southeast Asia, 10% in Europe and America, 10% in Africa, 40% in China.