Commercial Fabric Sofa Set

Commercial Fabric Sofa Set

For two people, wide, two directions.

Product Details

Commercial fabric sofa set

A comfortable seat is essential when receiving customers.So our commerecial fabric sofa set is born for those office that in need.This commercial fabric sofa set has a contrasting color design, and the cushion and backrest part are joined with a thick sponge to give the user a very comfortable experience. The handrails on both sides are made of simple and lightweight steel, which further reduces the overall weight of the product while ensuring the quality.The commercial fabric sofa set is in a simple shape, it is suitable for a variety of office applications.


Product name 

Commercial fabric sofa set




same as the picture 

Dimension (w*d*h)mm



1.Fabric surface

2.Filled in high density sponge          

3.steel armrest and leg.



Leat Time

30 Days after deposit received


30% deposit, balance pre-shipment

Commercial fabric sofa set

Partial details

The flannel fabric of the sofa we use is no-wash, soft high-end fabric.So the sofa set is very comfortable and safe.

flannel fabric of the sofa
 interior of the sofa is made of high-quality spongesThe interior of the sofa is made of high-quality sponges, all of which are used for the first time. There is no use of recycled sponges. The sponge has good elasticity, is not easy to be deformed, is not easy to damage, and can guarantee the long-term use of the sofa.

The armrest and the foot pad part are made of high-strength alloy material, but the weight is reduced without affecting the quality of the product.

high-strength alloy material

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