Business Affairs Office Sofa

Business Affairs Office Sofa

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Business affairs office sofa

We recently launched a sofa set for business negotiations,the business affairs office sofa.As we have pay more than 10 years into the office furniture industry,we find that people always want a better environment to talk about their business affairs,thus a good seat for participated people is necessary.The business affairs office sofa is in a fashion and mature and stable design,in the process of business negotiation, you can give customers a more trustworthy feeling.The business affairs office sofa is factory outlet,so customers can also customize it with their ideas.

Product Introduction

Product name

Business affairs office sofa




YSX018-light coffee+YSX019-deep coffee


1.Genuine leather/PU/microfiber leather available

2.Normal E1 degree wood for the frame, fill in the high density natural molded sponge

3.Steel die-casting forming scaffolding with black paint on the surface     


Single seat: 875*780*800

Three-person seat: 1820*780*800



Packing Volume


Delivery time

25days for 20GP/40HQ

Business affairs office sofa

More Details

Business affairs office sofa The frame structure is made of high-quality E1 wood as the skeleton, and they are all carefully assembled by hand to ensure flawless products.
The tripod part is made of high-hardness steel, and in order to meet the overall design of the product, it is painted black. Of course, customers can also customize and choose the solution they want. Business affairs office sofa
Business affairs office sofa

High-recovery, high-quality native sponges are the primary prerequisite for a comfortable experience, and we use a new first-hand material that is safe and secure.

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Our production workshop purchases the industry-leading advanced production equipment imported from Germany, and also supports professional technicians to control and ensure that there is no problem in every process.

Our requirements are very strict in the selection of raw material suppliers. If there is no certain quality and goodwill, we will not cooperate because we believe that we should start from the source, so as to ensure our smooth operation. 图片4