Ring Modern Office Sofa

Ring Modern Office Sofa

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Product Details

Ring modern office sofa

With decorating the office area with our new ring modern office sofa,you will find out that can add a more advanced and stylish atmosphere to your office.The ring modern office sofa is a really pretty design,our designers have created this product using the design principles of splicing beauty.As we are experienced in office furniture industry,we are always concerned of customer’s demand.Now the ring modern office sofa is on hot sale,we welcome customers to come and understand and take away our products at an affordable price.

Product Introduction

Product name

Ring modern office sofa




To be determined


1.Genuine leather/PU/microfiber leather available

2.Normal E1 degree wood for the frame, fill in the high density natural molded spong

3. Aluminum chromed die-casting armrest-trimming, polished surface finished. 


Single seat:850*820*735           

Three-person seat:1800*820*735



Packing Volume


Delivery time

25days for 20GP/40HQ

Ring modern office sofa

More Details

Ring modern office sofaIn the main frame part of the chair, we used the E1 grade wood board and hand-made. The overall appearance of the product is excellent.
The tripod and other metal parts for splicing are made of high-quality aluminum alloy. The process of opening and pressing is to follow the spirit of excellence and ensure product quality.Ring modern office sofa
Ring modern office sofaThe seat and the main body of the sofa are separated and independent, and the installation is carried out, so we have thickened the cushion, which is filled with high-recovery high-quality raw sponge, which is comfortable to use.

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