Slim Back Young Design Sofa

Slim Back Young Design Sofa

Young, energetic, modern

Product Details

Slim back young design sofa

We are now promoting the new sofa product,the slim back young design sofa,to help customers who want to make up a young and energetic office area.The main body of the slim back young design sofa consists of three parts, with two single seats and one three-person seat, the user can freely combine them.As long as the users use the slim back young design sofa and puts it in their office, the style of the entire office area can be changed, and the atmosphere of the office can be felt more relaxed and energetic.

Product Introduction
Product nameSlim back young design sofa
ColorsGX-005-Orange brown cipri

1.Genuine leather/PU/microfiber leather available

2.Normal E1 degree wood for the frame, fill in the high density natural molded sponge

3. Aluminum chromed die-casting armrest-trimming, polished surface finished.                      

4.Three square pillow for the lumbar support, fill in soft feather 


Single seat: 870*870*800

Three-person seat: 1835*870*800

Packing Volume0.61+1.28
Delivery time25days for 20GP/40HQ

Slim back young design sofa

More Details
Slim back young design sofaWe have added a younger design element to this product, hoping to make it a dynamic product. Users can put the whole office atmosphere more active in the office.
The frame part of the sofa is made of high-quality conventional E1 wood planks, and all are handmade. It is a product worthy of choice and experiment.he sofa is made of high-quality conventional E1 wood
 high quality soft down cottonThe square pillow is filled with high quality soft down cotton for better support at the user's waist.

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图片7Of course, you may not only need this product, but in the sofa product line, we have more styles that can be selected by customers. For details, please pay attention to our catalogue or official website column.